Newton Longville Church of England

Primary School

“Celebrating all that we are and all that we can be”

NED's Mindset Mission

Today, we hosted a virtual event called NED's Mindset Mission which promotes a growth mindset.  NED stands for:  Never give up.  Encourage others.  Do your best.  A yoyo is a mindset tool and tangible reminder of NED's message.  While learning to yo, children will make mistakes, try again, and improve.  Yoyos are available to buy after school all week, cash only please.  A free NED's Six Trix sheet is available with instructions on how to use the yoyos and a link where you can watch step-by-step instruction videos and learn 30 more tricks!  We will have a dedicated area for the children to practise their new yoyo skills at breaktimes and lunchtimes.