Friends of School

Welcome to Friends of School!   
We run a range of events and activities raising money towards things which will enrich the experience of all children at the school and we’d like to thank all of you who have supported us in the past few years. You have contributed towards updating the decor, furniture and furnishings in the library, dining room and hall, new play equipment in the playground, a green screen and associated peripherals for the children to use, Advent calendars for each class for the children to share and Yearbooks for the year 6 leavers. 
We also collect and sell pre-loved uniform. You can purchase items either at one of our sales or by completing a request form (see uniform section or pop into the office).   
The committee is run by a small group of mums 
  • Julie Barton (mum to Callum in Y5)
  • Alison Brant (mum to Emma in Y5)    
  • Leisa Frost (mum to Hollie in Y6 and Jacob in Y3)
  • Kristin Bass (mum to Hayden in Y3 and Saffron in FS)
  • Debbie Bebbington (mum to Charlotte in Y3 and Matthew in Y1)
  • Helen Baskeyfield (mum to William in FS)
We can be contacted via email (, through Facebook (/FriendsofNewtonLongvilleCofEPrimarySchool) or through the school office.  You can also find at least one of us in the playground at the beginning or end of day!
Alison, Julie, Helen, Kristin, Leisa & Debbie
Friends of Newton Longville Church of England School