Jack Dimmock's - Walk May Anyway Challenge

6th May 2020

A message from Jack's Dad,


Jack is finding days at the moment incredibly tough and in particular home schooling. Some days are a real struggle for him. So I decided to set a number of challenges for both of us to keep him focused during this difficult time.


The first challenge was a 50KM walk over Easter and he is waiting to receive a medal for completing it. 


The second challenge was called the virtual English Channel crossing - 21 miles he had to complete. Jack again completed it and is waiting to receive a medal. 


On Friday last week, Jack and I started a 100KM Walk May Anyway Challenge.

For this challenge we are raising money for ‘NHS CHARITIES TOGETHER’. Supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients. 

We are on day 5 now of the challenge and we have already covered 56KM.


This little hero is walking miles and miles with me on our lockdown walks. I’ve never seen him like this. He is so motivated by our different challenges. This is our longest and toughest challenge yet and it’s doing him the world of good to focus on something other than all the worries and anxiety he faces and battles on a daily basis. 

Jack loves the challenge because he’s helping the NHS stop COVID -19 by us raising money for them. 

He said to me on our walk yesterday “Daddy do you think we will reach 31 million like Captain Tom Moore”. I said “Probably not  , but we will try and raise as much as we can.” Jack also thinks the Queen might make him an honorary Colonel or even a Prince!!!  

As of May 6th, Jack has raised £1050