Year 6 Condover Hall

25th May 2018

Condover Residential 2018

Year 6, accompanied by Mrs Duxbury, Mrs Fisher and Mr Durham had a fantastic week-long visit to this beautiful 16 century Elizabethan Hall. There were so many things to tell you about our exciting week, we decided the best idea was to let the children do the talking!

Here are the favourite moments from the class of 2018 in their own words!

Condover was one of the best life experiences I have had!   Elise

When Popi did ballerina dancing with toilet paper it made everyone in our dorm laugh.  Ella

At Condover all we had a lot of fun in the dorms: Daniel singing in the shower, playing games, staying up late and much more. Dylan

Our well-deserved break was Condover. It was a blast and we had lots of fun. We all conquered many fears but enjoyed every minute.  Aoife.

Condover was a blast! It certainly lightened our spirits after a stressful week of SATs. A great start to a final half term at Newton Longville.  Christophe.

We spent five days at Condover and did over ten activities. My favourite activities were aerial trek and sensory trail.  Monty

Aerial trek, the disco, rock climbing and more. The dorms were so much fun, we played Marco Polo in the dark.  Elena.

Condover was great as I got to do lots of fun activities with my friends. I really enjoyed aerial trek, laser tag, swimming and the silent disco. Finlay

Condover was my absolute favourite part of year 6! I loved trying new things every day.  Lily

It was so nice staying with friends for five days. We did so many activities and it was very fun.  Amy

I liked being with my friends and having a sense of adulthood. I conquered some of my fears. Max

I loved the activities (especially aerial trek) and the food was nice too. We even saw a couple get engaged.  Naomi

It was the best, I got to see my friends every day, even though I lost my voice and fell over, I did all the activities and had an awesome time. My favourite was aerial trek.  Lottie

The food was amazing. We had five activities a day, my favourites were laser quest and aerial trek. Ashton.

During the silent disco, Daniel was one of the best dancers. At one point I was the only one dancing, I looked ridiculous but I enjoyed it. Hana

We did lots of activities. My favourite was when it was free time everyone would go into our dorm and hang out. Jessica

My favourite activity was aerial trek because it involved climbing, speed and confidence. Harrison

I got to see my friends and do fun activities, Kayaking was really fun. Stanley

Where should I start?  A fantastic experience and I loved it. The feeling you got when you conquered one of your fears was amazing and stuck in my memory forever. Amy

My favourite part of the year was absolutely Condover! It was so much fun. Popi

 We had a wonderful time. There were a  range of different activities; some included strategy, others included teamwork. Robert

It was amazing, all of us had lots of fun. We had an instructor called Peter who was the best. Max

We did lots of activities and had a great time. We had fun in our dorms as well. Ben

Our dorm was the biggest, we did loads of activities like abseiling. The food was yummy. Ellie

 My favourite activity was aerial trek, I didn’t like it at first but then I got used to it! Sharon

We had brilliant breakfasts, lovely lunches and delicious dinners. One of my favourite things was sensory trail. They put black goggles on us and made us walk about in the forest!  Luis

Aerial trek was so much fun and scary. Everyone had a go, even Mrs Duxbury!  Elliana