STEM Week - 12th - 16th March 2018

12th March 2018

Network Rail

We were lucky enough to have Network Rail (NR) come in and launch our second ever STEM week on Monday 12th March which, as part of British Science Week, is The Year of Engineering.  Sarah Merrien gave an interesting presentation on what NR does with some impressive facts and figures in the form of a quiz.  They came with other team members who helped lead activities with the different classes from circuit making, to bridge building and wearing the actual ‘orange army’ uniform!  At the end of the day, KS2 classes were given a free USB wristband.  Thank you so much NR – hope to see you again next year!

Flotation Device testing!
Flotation Devices & The Winners


Miss Jo Brant kindly came in on her day off to tell our pupils about her job working as a vet.  She brought lots of photos of the animals she has worked with but her particular area of expertise is working with horses.  Jo takes her dog Hugo to work with her and she brought in objects she uses as part of her job. 

 Augmented Reality (AR) Minibeasts

We created our AR profile minibeast card and wrote some facts about ants and spiders.  We then used the AugmentifyIt APP to see our minibeasts come to life!  We described the minibeasts to each other.   AR is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

Woodland Trust

Miss Vicky Duxbury, Woodland Trust, came into school on Tuesday and told the story of The Man Who Planted Trees as part of a whole school assembly.  She was impressed with our pupils’ knowledge of Science.  Vicky then worked with Year 6 on measuring the trees in our school habitat.  As members of the Woodland Trust, we are working towards our Bronze award.

Rocky Road Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes

Lots of fun was had making the cakes as well as talking about the scientific and maths involved with cooking.


Mr Steven Purton, Community Champion, once again came into school to support our pupils in Year 1 and 2.  He kindly brought some pea seeds which the children planted in individual pots.  We are going to look after them in class, plant them and hopefully eat them in the Summer term.

Network Rail Engineers

We were lucky to have a second visit from NR, this time in the form of three female engineers: Nicola, Sarah and Carolyn.  First of all they gave an interesting presentation including an interactive quiz or Engineer or Not Engineer to Year 1 and 2.  Then they worked with Year 6 building signalling towers from spaghetti and midget gems.

Sergeant Dimmock

Technology in the Police was the focus of Sergeant Dimmock’s presentation.  He works for Bedfordshire Police and told us about what technology he uses in his job. 

Healthy Eating Assembly with Eugene

A now familiar face at Newton Longville School, Eugene presented information on how to eat healthily.  He was impressed by our pupils’ knowledge of different types of fruit and vegetables, such as passion fruit and plantains! Of course there was also a magic trick, or two, to impress us all.