Year 1

Year 1 had a wonderful day at Claydon House. They were involved in three exciting workshops. The first was The Crimean War Hospital where the children took it in turns to dress up as nurses and soldiers. They nurses were very caring and skilful with the bandages and the heroic soldiers had lots of very interesting injuries! The second activity was the Florence Tour where we got to explore the house belonging to Florence's sister Parthenope. We got to see a copy of Florence's book, an orange she had given to a soldier and even got to sit on her bed! Lastly, we had the Soldier's Experience where we learnt all about the soldier's bumpy journey to Scutari and how to load and fire a gun! Thank you to all of the grown ups who helped us on the day. We have really enjoyed learning about the fearless Florence Nightingale and have some very special memories of the day. Here are some photographs we'd like to share with you.