Year 2
On Thursday 3rd October Year 2 set off for Linford Lakes.  During the day we took part in two sessions.  One of the sessions was pond dipping, we used nets and trays and had to identify the creatures that we found.  We had magnifying glasses so that we could take a closer look at the creatures.
Our second session was habitat exploration.  We started off in the nature garden and used special brushes to help us to collect any creatures that we found.  We then went on a short walk to explore some different habitats and looked at bat boxes, a abandoned fox den and trees.
We were trying to be very quiet when we went into the bird hide, luckily we didn't scare all of the birds away!  We saw herons and egrets.
Everyone was tired after a busy day outside, many thanks to Amanda and Sue from the Parks Trust.  If you would like to visit Linford Lakes, you can either apply for a permit or every third Sunday you can visit on an open day for free.