Year 2

On Monday 10th June Year 2 set off for Oxford castle.  Once we arrived we had several activities to help us learn about castles.  This included finding out what a castle would smell like, trying on clothes that might have been worn and looking at artefacts that might be found in a castle.
After lunch we then had to climb 101 steps to the top of the tower.  Once at the top we could rest our legs and we had a great view across Oxford.  We all agreed that it would be a good place to defend a castle from because you would be able to see your enemies coming and be able to prepare for them.
We then had a look at how the castle was used during the Victorian times, which was as a prison.  We found out about some of the people (including children) who had been imprisoned at Oxford Castle.  Luckily despite a line-up photo, we all managed to escape!
Finally we went to the top of the mound where the original wooden castle would have been built.  We looked for signs of the old castle and found an old well that would have been used.
Despite the weather - it was a great day out!