Newton Longville Church of England Primary School



At Newton Longville CE Primary School we are teaching maths so that our children receive the best possible opportunities and experiences, and are able to develop their mathematical thinking in a high quality and nurturing environment.

Our aim, through a 'Maths Mastery' approach, is to develop confident and deep learners, with the ability to explain and articulate their maths knowledge in multiple ways (concrete, pictorial and abstract). We believe that, given suitable opportunities and the right learning environments, all children can be ‘good’ at maths when they leave Newton Longville CE School. 

 Through class-based mastery maths, we are committed to ensuring that all pupils are challenged and secure in their understanding of topics without moving on prematurely. We aim to ensure that every child is challenged to reach their potential and we encourage an atmosphere where mistakes are valued and seen as part of the learning process.